Who We Are

We are a Unique Out of Home Media company and our media platform combines high customer engagement ability, great WOM (Word of Mouth) capability and fantastic brand visibility into 1 Marketing Strategy which we proudly call the Brand Ambassador Programme. We transform your employees’ cars into a moving billboard under the Brand Ambassador Programme. Why employees?? Your Employees are the BRAND BUILDERS - the foundation of your companyandfrom a marketing standpoint, who better to promote your product and services than the employees of your company. They live and breathe the company’s product and services on a daily basis. We project manage the entire programme for your company from start to finish. By the way, we are approvedby JPJ (Road Transport Department) in Malaysia to put ads onto employees' own cars.

mobile advertising

Transform your employee’s car into a moving billboard

heighten brand visibility

Your brand is seen in many different locations

customer engagement

Gives the company the ability to engage with the public

cost effectiveness

Able to produce lower CPM.
Double text deduction.

unique and focused media

Gives a fresh perspective to your brand.

internal participation

Utilises your most valuable asset – your employees.

MyCar-Ads Video