Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ads will be put on the car?

Only your company brand or product advertising will be put on your employees’ cars. We do not do 3rd party advertising (anyway, JPJ does not allow 3rd party advertising on private vehicles)

How long will it take to wrap a car?

For a full wrap, it can take up to 1 full day for the wrapping process. We do not provide temporary replacement cars

Are there any restriction for Brand Ambassadors who join the programme?

We generally ask that drivers use common sense on this – eg avoid known “red light” districts; try to avoid parking in unlit areas at night. As a Brand Ambassador we emphasise the fact that they (your employees) must drive safely, non-aggressively and courteously at all times. This means no queue-jumping, no cutting in and out of their lane to try to get to their destination more quickly, no “tail-gating” – driving far too close to the car in-front no yelling out of the window at other drivers, or making indecent gestures at them. MyCar-Ads reserves the right to immediately terminate drivers/owners from the programme without compensation if the owner/driver commits serious offences under the Road Transport Act or commits actions that will endanger lives of others or damage the reputation of the brand owner (your company) or MyCar-Ads Sdn Bhd

"Is that it? (Thank you for going through all the questions on our FAQ)

Yes, for now. If you have any more questions, please contact us and allow us to do a full presentation of the Brand Ambassador Programme to you and you can ask any other question which comes to mind.