Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps is a temporary covering of your vehicle’s paint/bodywork using a vinyl material. This can be in any colour or size. We usually recommend a full wrap which covers the entire surface (even the roof) of the car for specific CI reasons. However, this choice is up to each and every client as we can also use a partial wrap which covers only a specific portion of the vehicle BUT uses the vehicle’s paint scheme as the background for the full design. Usually the vinyl material has digitally printed designs on the vinyl to really make the branding/message on the vehicle stand out.

How effective are vehicle wraps for advertising or branding programmes?

In the last ten years, nearly 5 million new cars have been registered (Source: JPJ). That is 500,000 new vehicles joining the existing 11 million cars on the road. Based on 2014 statistics from the Ministry of Transport, cars make up 54% (sometimes up to 72%) of vehicles on the road at any one time. That is a lot of traffic in front of you and behind.

Research done in 1995 (J. Mohamad) suggested that 1.4 Million vehicles used the roads in Kuala Lumpur. That is 20 years ago and even at that time it was a minimum of 756,000 cars in driving into Kuala Lumpur.

Professor Mohamad also found that 70% of those cars were SOVs (Single Occupancy Vehicles). So you have, in 1995, a total of about 530,000 cars being driven into Kuala Lumpur where the driver has to concentrate on the road and keeping an eye on the vehicle in front and behind them. (Yes, yes we know – not all drivers concentrate on the cars in front of them. If all of them did, we would not have accidents).

In 1995, you had 1,060,000 eyeballs daily staring at the car in front of them. Imagine if you had a product message on that space where the eyeballs were staring.
• Would that image of your product be embedded into the person subconscious only to emerge when making a purchase choice?
• Would that toll free number be taken down by the driver?
• Would the driver tell his circle of influence (family and friends) about the cool looking car done by YOUR COMPANY?

YES! YES! AND YES! Now imagine the number of eyeballs in 2016…

Anyway, don’t take our word for it. Here are some statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.
• More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers
• Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.
• Branding or advertising on cars have a 97% recall rate.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Avery Dennison vinyl material on vehicle wraps is guaranteed for up to 18 months. So the vehicle wrap can last for that long unless there is a change in design.

Who can join the programme?

Your company needs to register and have an agreement with MyCar-Ads. Then, all employees of your company who own a car or have access to a car owned by their spouse can join the programme. We usually recommend using cars which are seven years old or less. The driver/owner must have a valid .driving licence. (Please see our Terms and Conditions)

How much does it cost to have a car wrapped?

The cost would depend on three factors – size and location of the car as well as the duration of the contract. We are more than happy to provide you with a quotation but please allow us to do a full presentation of our concept to you and your company prior to that. We can also do partial wraps if your budget allocation is a constraint.

How long is the contract?

We recommend a contract period of 1 year (or a minimum of 6 months). This allows the Brand Ambassador opportunities to travel to their hometown, travel outstation for holiday, go shopping or just drive because they feel like it. All this driving allows your brand/product message to be seen by more people in more locations.

Is there a minimum number of cars?

No. Naturally the impact of your product or brand message is greater the more cars you have on the road.

How much does the Brand Ambassador get paid?

The amount each Brand Ambassador gets paid is based on your budget. We will pay the money directly into the Brand Ambassador’s bank account based on the amount and criteria set by you. (The Brand Ambassador Has to fulfill certain conditions to get paid – we explain all in our presentation)

Does it matter what colour the car is?

It does not matter what colour the car is for a full wrap as the vinyl material will cover the whole car. For partial wraps, however the colour of the car can make a difference.

How are the cars chosen?

The employees from your company who are interested will first be informed about your company’s terms and conditions to join the Brand Ambassador Programme. Then each applicant will be given a User ID and Password to register on to our website. We will inspect all the cars which have been registered and make choices based on criteria which MyCar-Ads has agreed with your company. We usually don’t approve cars which have dents or damage to them or cars older than 7 years.