We are the first company in Malaysia to have combined the HR and Marketing functions to create Brand Ambassadors.

Car wrapping is a new and innovative Out Of Home (OOH) media. We provide a new avenue to brand owners / advertisers to get their messages “onto the streets, into the eyes and mind of the public”.....through their employees!

The Brand Ambassador programme is uniquely designed to meet the demands of companies that want greater value for their advertising $$$$, greater visibility of their brands in many different locations .The Brand Ambassador Programme keeps your brand “moving across boundaries”.

Under the Brand Ambassador Programme, companies use their most valuable asset – their employees, to spread the messages about the company’s product and services. And what do the employees get – an additional few hundred ringgit in their pocket to spend. This greatly improves employer-employee relationships and enhances company loyalty amongst the employees.


Word of Mouth Impact

  • 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over other forms of advertising.
  • Word of Mouth strategies improve marketing effectiveness by up to 54%

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2015
  • Only 45% of marketers think that their Facebook efforts are effective.

Mobile Advertising


  • Branding or Advertising Messages on cars have a 97% recall rate

Measuring the Value of Vehicle Wraps – A Study

“A Brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company” It is NOT what you say it is. It is what THEY say it is.

Today, buying decisions are made more on symbolic cues than features, benefits and price. Through differentiation, brands have evolved from a focus on “what it is” and “what it does” to “how you feel” and “who you are”.

While features, benefits and price are still important to people - experiences and personal identity are even more important.